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Written in Stone - Ivanhoe Biography

Ivanhoe Bandpic

Ivanhoe was founded back in 1986 by Giovanni Soulas (bass), Markus Britsch (keyboards) and drummer Lars Hörnig. With different line ups the band recorded two demo tapes - Behind the Wall (1988) and Written in Stone (1989). The debut album Visions and Reality was recorded in 1993 with the following lineup: Andy B. Franck (vocals), Chuck Schuler (guitars), Giovanni Soulas (bass), Lars Hönig (drums) and Markus Britsch (keyboard). It was followed by the 2nd album Symbols of Time in 1994.

In 1996 the band recorded Polarized. The third album by the band marked a peak in the band's history. Singer Andy B. Franck and Lars Hörnig left the band to focus on other musical interests.

In 2001 band founder and leader Giovanni Soulas reanimated Ivanhoe. As new vocalist he recruited musical star Mischa Mang (Jesus Christ Superstar, We will Rock you, a.o.) as well as guitarist Achim Welsch. The band started with the works on the 4th album. In 2005 Walk in Mindfields was released through Massacre Records. Amongst Mang, Soulas, Schuler and Welsch the lineup was completed with Richard Seibel (Keyboards - Lanfear)) and Sebastian Brauchle (drums). With the same lineup the band released album no. 5 Lifeline in 2008.

End of 2010 the band parted ways with drummer Sebastian Brauchle who was replaced by Matthias Biehl. Following several sucessful shows and festivals (Queensryche, Scorpions, Building a Force, Bang your Head), the band also parted ways surprisingly with Achim Welsch (guitars) in 2011.

In May 2013 the sixth studeo album "Systematrix" was released. After the album release singer Mischa Mang and drummer Matthias Biehl left the band. The following shows (a.o. with Queensrÿche) were perfomed with the new additions of Alexander Koch (vocals - Spiral Tower, Powergod, Winters Bane, Scenes) and Rob Kudlek (drums.

Ttheir 7th album (7 Days), was released in October 2015.

In 2018 Ivanhoe reformed again replacing Chuck Schuler with Lars Vögtle and Rob Kudlek with Bernd Heining.

In March 2020 Ivanhoe released their 8th studio album Blood and Gold via Massacre Records.

Alex Koch – vocals
Lars Vögtle – guitars
Giovanni Soulas – bass
Richie Seibel – keyboards
Bernd Heining – drums